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‘We can live without everything, except without the superfluous one.’

Oscar Wilde

My Works

About Massimo Bonanno

Vibrating looks and alienated characters… the metamorphic scenario of Massimo Bonanno, made of oil paintings at the forefront of the development’s wave. Massimo Bonanno’s artistic research starts with the study of humanity and how it relates to the modern society of social networks and video games. He tells us about a rather sick society, made up of conditioned needs, anonymity and solitude.

In his works there are many portraits. Many are characters with an alienated gaze, connected with reality through computer cables, devoured by videogames characters or mutant between the man, the monkey and the emoticon. The scenario is always surreal and the use of colour dramatic.

Massimo Bonanno is an eclectic artist. The brush is his favourite tool even if in his works, we find also sculptures, hand-painted ceramics, installations and performances. He started as a self-taught, after the artistic diploma he studied restoration and for ten years worked as a restorer of paintings, furnitures and artefacts in gold leaf.